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Multi award winning production and writing team led by Mike Horner and Robbie nelson. based out of rooms in legendary RAK studios London, and fat buddha Hastings.

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Our Story

After working together for many years as Engineers , Mike and Robbie thought it was about time they actually got together and set up a production and writing team themselves. They are now in a position to take ideas from inception through to final mix and master ( including spatial audio/Dolby Atmos/360RA mixes) .

While Robbie and Mike are the mainstays and focal point of the Dirty Fader team , they're joined on this sonic journey by frequent collaborators, including writer producer Aaron Gilbert  from former major label act Delays.and also Producer/mixer Isabel Gracefield

Latest Releases

Our Clients

Warners Music, Universal Music, Wixen, Channel 4, Sony Music, Villam Rocks, Rak Publishing, 

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